I was tasked to exploring making Vegas World's game menu and selection experience more scaleable and easier to use as we transition focus to hand held platforms. 
I first started by mapping out the flow chart of the current navigation. Vegas World is a fairly complex product. Over years of adding features some of the flow had become confusing or duplicated unnecessarily. I took this map and explored ways we could simplify the interaction and UX.
I identified areas of navigation that we could flatten to put emphasis on key features and make the flow feel more logical and consistent across multiple sections.
While keeping in mind elements that were important to our stakeholders, this was the revised UX map that I came up with.
I then iterated on several key areas after receiving some feedback from team members.
Including some analysis of how competitors solved the navigation problem. The challenge here was almost no other social casinos have as robust and complex an environment as Vegas World but I found the exercise helpful nonetheless. 
I the created some quick sketches to explore how these revisions might be laid out. 
This study resulted in task to implement some of the suggestions to streamline the way players access the games and features in the product. I then started building a medium-fi interactive example of the games menu. I used a live-tile concept to show additional information in each section.
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